Your weirdest campus hookup stories uncovered. “I got a brilliant hot hookup sesh in the piles in divinity collection…”

Your weirdest campus hookup stories uncovered. “I got a brilliant hot hookup sesh in the piles in divinity collection…”

Source: Kyler Russell

Alert: you will never be capable look at a few of your everyday university spots in the same way. Proceed with extreme caution.

This week, we requested your personal records to have a better concept of the Vanderbilt hookup tradition. The reaction? A reverberating outcry of outrageous, hysterical and “we’ve all been there” reports. Even though it ended up being tough to sift through all of the experiences, listed here are the quintessential memorable campus hookup tales from very first concern regarding the month.

Notice: the responses have been in no certain purchase.

MRB III Bathroom

“MRB III bathroom, inside the problem stall. We were studying for a cell neurobiology exam regarding next floor of MRB III once we decided to bring a break… into the bathroom… in the same stall. Undoubtedly had gotten the brain juices streaming.”

Brand-new Kissam––before they unwrapped

“I grabbed a trip of Kissam the afternoon this started, because I became here on the summer performing research. I happened to be with my sweetheart, therefore easily recognized your doorways in Kissam were all unlocked, perhaps the your that were maybe not part of the tour. Obviously, we took benefit of the empty places, meaning that I was probably among the first individuals to actually have sexual intercourse in newer Kissam HAHA defeat that losers.”

Divinity Library

“I had a brilliant hot hookup sesh in stacks in divinity collection…”

Classroom in Calhoun

“I connected in a class room in Calhoun! Maybe not your own normal finals study-sesh-turned-makeout-sesh though. We returned to their space after every night out and his awesome friend from your home straight away passed on a floor. Couldn’t check-out my room because we realized my roommate was asleep, thus he recommended checking a box off their VanderBucket listing and hooking up in a-room he previously class in. It was interestingly much more comfortable than I’d anticipated. 10/10, would endorse to a buddy.”

Shrubs outside Memorial Hall

“inside the bushes outside Memorial facing Gillette…. To this day, the physics from it all however puzzle myself.”

Roof of Furman

“I experienced intercourse on the roof of Furman. Perhaps not the lower ‘roof’ that will be obtainable by the stairs at the back from the building, nevertheless the actual roof. We broke through several gates and mounted a ladder through the hatch. It Actually Was amazing.”

Frist Heart for Visual Arts

“Diverging from the question somewhat but You will find an incredibly delicious away university hookup place. Taking walks residence from the downtown area one night, child and that I generated a pit take a look at the backyard not in the Frist Center for Visual Arts. Although it had been an artistic moment in my lifetime and I still feel like a legend… 0/10, wouldn’t normally recommend (unless you like kneeling on lumber chips at night in the cool).”

an expansive share… on top

“I’m an upperclassman, and that I connected with a freshman on the top of their Commons residence in an inflatable pool the guy and his family put up around.”

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